We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with the public and key city stakeholders to shape our vision for Coney Street. That’s why we’ve teamed up with exciting social enterprises such as Streetlife and proactively engaged with accessibility groups, enabling us to work towards a future which puts people at its heart.

Improved Coney Street Riverside vision revealed

Positive changes have now been made to parts of the Coney Street Riverside masterplan including a significant increase in the amount of public realm, improved accessibility and several enhanced building designs.

The revised plans have been submitted following collaborative discussions with City of York Council and close consultation with key stakeholders across the city including important feedback from the public.

At the heart of the masterplan remains the creation of 250,000 sq ft of mixed-use retail, leisure, commercial and residential space, a riverside walkway and the establishment of significant green and accessible public realm, both on the waterfront itself and also through the creation of new access routes between Coney Street and the River Ouse.

You can let us know your thoughts on the proposals here.

Key changes


  • Redesigned public realm throughout the scheme, including significant increases in the amount of public space on the riverfront.
  • Increased active retail frontage across the scheme.
  • A reduction in some of the proposed buildings’ shapes and sizes, as well as moving some of the buildings further away from the river edge to improve the overall quality of the scheme.
  • Improved accessibility across the development.

The revised application follows an original planning application setting out the vision for Coney Street Riverside, with a decision yet to be reached by City of York Council.

Chamber of Commerce support

York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce has publicly pledged its support to Coney Street Riverside.  The leading business support organisation, alongside its influential York & North Yorkshire Property Forum lobby group, have urged York City Council to approve the planning applications submitted for the scheme.

The positive comments have been formally submitted to York City Council as part of the planning process.

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